The Bamboo Puzzle Crate comes with four difficulty levels. If you like puzzles, or are horrible at puzzles, this is the crate for you. You will either really enjoy solving them or get pissed off because you can't figure out how to put them back together. You will ultimately give up and cheat by looking it up on youtube, and you wonder why you never acheive anything in life......anyways Everyone Wins!

Bamboo Puzzle Crate

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  • The Bamboo Puzzle Crate includes

    • 1- level 2 ($14.99) individual price
    • 1- level 3 ($14.99) individual price
    • 1 -level 4 ($14.99) individual price
    • 1- level 5 ($14.99) individual price

    Crate price $39.99. 

    Puzzles will be randomly selected for the crates, and may or may not be the same as what is pictured. Crate artwork will vary with puzzle themes.