The Classic Crate comes with the classic things almost everyone recognizes but may not have. Thirsty Bird, Puzzle Cube, and Metal Balls. Just one look in the dead eyes of the Thirsty Bird you know what you must do. It has a thirst that is never satisfied. The Puzzle Cube will keep you occupied almost as long as the Thirsty Bird drinks into eternity, or until the cup of water evaporates, whichever comes first. The metal balls are shiny, swing, and click....... Doesn't this all sound like a great time! Have fun, your life can now be complete.

Classic Crate

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Classic crate will include 

    • 1- Thirsty Bird ($11.99) individual price
    • 1- Puzzle Cube ($9.99) individual price
    • 1- Metal Balls ($11.99) individual price

    Crate price $29.99. 

    The artwork in the crate will vary.