The Fidget Crate has everything to keep your hands busy. Squeeze, spin, click, flick, hold....."Things you can say about these items, but not your partner!" Who are you kidding, you don't have a significant other, so this is the crate for you! Before you ask, we refuse to have fidget spinners, expecially after the "incident".

Fidget Crate

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  • The Fidget Crate includes

    • 1- Fidget Cube ($6.99) individual price
    • 1- Optical Illusion Cylinder ($19.99) individual price
    • 1- Squishy Stress Ball ($8.99) individual price
    • 1- Eye Poppin Animal ($11.99) individual price
    • 1- Infinity Cube ($19.99) individual price

    Crate price $49.99

    Everything in this crate will vary from design and color. Items may not be exactly as shown in the picture. The crate artwork theme will be mind/thinking/knowledge related.