The Thermo Crate comes with several items that show the transfer of heat.  Heat sources from your hand, the sun, or a hot beverage is all you need to get these things moving. So if you can get these things moving, you must be Hot. Yes, I said it, you are Hot.... like Hot chocolate....wait, I mean Beautiful chocolate, you are Beautiful.

Thermo Crate

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  • Thermo Crate includes

    • 1- Stirling Engine (Tier I) ($45.99) individual price
    • 1- Radiometer ($19.99) individual price
    • 1- Hand Boiler ($9.99) individual price

    Crate price $69.99

    Hand boiler colors will vary and be randomly selected and may or may not be the same as what is pictured. Crate artwork will be related to heat and thermodynamics.